Call for Nominations

The nominating committee is seeking volunteers for the following Positions on the 2019 PEISMLS Executive Board:


Vice President


Director of Professional Development


The position of Vice-President has automatic progression to President and Past President (1 year each). The remaining positions are 2 year terms. Written consent is required prior to nominations being accepted. As per PEISMLS Bylaws Article 8.0, section 8.5, nominations may be submitted over the signature of 2 voting members, one as proposer and the other as a seconder.

All nominations must be received by Saturday, September 15, 2018.


I, ____________, would like to volunteer for the position of ____________.


I, ___________, would like to nominate ___________ for the position of

___________, seconded by ____________.


Nominee’s Statement

I agree to allow my name to stand for election to the position as indicated above. I pledge to uphold the Bylaws and Standing Rules of the PEISMLS, and to carry out the duties and responsibilities of the office for which my name stands.

Date:____________ Signature:____________________

Please return to:

Melissa Walsh

Nominating Committee Chair of PEISMLS

Cytology Lab, QEH (902) 894-2340