Committee Members:

Chris Norgaard (Chair)
Holly Brasky
Greg Dobbin
Andrea Dowling
Marietta MacCormack
Carolyn McCarville
Mary McInnis
Valerie Robinson
Rosalie Richard
Melissa Walsh


Please note: If you wish to participate on the committee, please contact Chris Norgaard. New members are welcome!

The licensing committee has submitted an application to the PEI government requesting that MLTs and MLAs be regulated (licensed). The application is forwarded to a Committee for consideration before being submitted to cabinet. We are waiting for a response to our request, but in the meantime, we are preparing documentation regarding what we would like our legislation to contain.

The road to regulation (licensing) is long and difficult. If our application is accepted, we expect that the final legislation will not be passed for about 2 years. In the meantime, we will work with the government and lawyers on the content and wording of the document.