The Dr. John Craig Award of Merit

The Dr.John Craig Award of Merit is awarded annually to a Registered Technologist who promotes a positive professional image either within the profession, in public awareness, patient care, or as part of the whole medical community. Nominees should demonstrate the importance of education and professional integrity.
Nominations are received from the members of the PEISMLS and the award recipient is chosen from the nominees by the PEISMLS executive.
Nominees cannot be members of the PEISMLS executive at the time of nomination. Nomination forms are distributed to the membership 60 days before the Annual General Meeting.
Nomination Form!!
The Dr.John Craig Award of Merit Recipients:
2016 Carolyn McCarville MLT                    2002 Mae Harvey RT
2015 Marietta MacCormack RT                 2001 Bill Bylhouwer ART
2014 Rosalie Richard RT                          2000 Shirley Wills Burns RT
2013 Jennifer Dowling BSc, RT                 1999 Anne Williams RT
2011 Glenda Pollard RT                           1998 Pamela Maloney RT
2010 Betty Aitken RT                                1997 Barbra MacEachern RT
2009 Andrea Dowling RT                          1996 Elizabeth Dobbin ART
2008 Verna Fitzpatrick RT                        1995 Valerie Robinson RT
2006 Sheila Robinson RT                         1994 Margaret MacPhail RT
2005 Annette Hollis RT                             1993 Lorraine Gillan RT
2004 Beatrice Jenkins RT                         1992 Margaret Turnbull RT
2003 Katherine MacPhail RT