Looking for work? Think outside the city


By Ashley Rego


Searching for a job can be frustrating, especially when you feel as though you’ve looked into every possible opportunity out there. However, with the demands for health care professionals including medical laboratory professionals in small rural and remote areas, you may consider widening your search area.

Relocating for work can offer a great deal of opportunity and the professional benefits are truly rewarding. Some of the benefits of working in a rural and remote area include:


Greater independence and responsibility

Typically labs and hospitals in rural and remote areas have a smaller staff, which means you may experience more working in the field and have more independence.


Working in a multidisciplinary team

Working in a lab with fewer staff provides more opportunity to work in multiple areas of the lab allowing you to be versatile and have a more integral role.


Fostering skills and leadership development

Taking on more responsibility and working in a number of different departments will allow for you to expand on your personal and professional development while also improving your leadership skills.


Sarah Peters, MLT, made the commitment of moving 739 kilometers north of her hometown to work in Thompson, Manitoba. “When I learned what the laboratory at Thompson General Hospital had to offer I was intrigued.” As a new graduate, the opportunity allowed her to gain experience adding to her professional development and also allowed for significant financial gain. “Besides the professional and financial draws, there was also the lure of adventure,” said Sarah. ”It has now been 5 years since I left my hometown and I have grown to love my new job, home and community. The friends I have made have become a second family.”

Pursuing a career in a rural or remote area might be worth discovering a new experience in a unique part of the country. As beautiful as your new surroundings may be, there is one enticing perk you just can’t ignore – $$.

The extra money offered by the employer for relocating can help to cover any moving costs you’ll incur. As an example, the Yukon Hospital Corporation offers a relocation allowance of up to a maximum of $15,000 for permanent hires outside the Yukon. Per term, a maximum of $1,000 or the lowest economy airfare is offered for moving expenses for those outside of Yukon.

There are many offers similar and in almost every province. The opportunity to work in a new part of the country, coupled with gaining real hands-on experience and the bonus of extra income can be enticing.

When looking at job opportunities that might be out of your current location, look for wording like “relocation bonus” or “service agreement”. You can also ask during the interview stage if any moving costs or bonuses are available.

Considering a move? Check out the Career Centre for a brief overview of bonuses offered in each province. Also, visit the Job Bank to view the list of job openings across the country.


Ashley Rego is the Marketing and Communications Associate at the Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science (CSMLS). This article originally appeared in the Career Centre on the CSMLS website. It has been republished here with permission. For more information, visit csmls.org.